How to Protect your site from Search Engine Restrictions

Google Engine Restrictions

Anyone with a website dreams of it being top of the first page. But many fall into the trap of trying too hard, which in turn can have the opposite effect. Unfortunately, it’s very easy these days to provoke a search engines’ wrath and incur the risk of sanctions, and then it’s all too difficult to get back on top. Below are the most common mistakes for SEO-links, traffic cheats, content, and over-optimization in Yandex to avoid. It’s always best to not use these methods in the first place than get caught and lose precious time than trying to correct them.

Restrictions for SEO links

The internet pretty much consists of links, however, search engines will punish those who misuse SEO links. For the purpose of this article, an SEO link is any link intended to influence search engines. In particular, the ‘Minusinsk’ filter has become the stuff of nightmares for optimization. Its purpose is to convince webmasters to promote their sites using SEO links.

The price for overbuying SEO links or participating in the links exchange is having your site submitted, by Yandex, to spam and filtering your commercial links. The restriction for link spam means the site stays in the same position on search engines or loses 15–20 positions. The lightest punishment is that the search engine ignores commercial links.

How to protect your website

Website Protection

Search engines value natural and diverse links. This means you should focus on building the link system and growing it, following the quality rather than quantity idea. These could take the form of catalogs, forums, social media led by the anchor and non-anchor links. Having natural link integrity then gives you the possibility to buy a reasonable amount of SEO links.

Yandex currently gives the following link amounts for small and medium sites. 60% of purchased links and 40% natural links are considered to be appropriate, these sites will not be blocked or punished. It’s worth noting that these are indicative proportions, exact numbers will be site unique.

If you’re confused, it’s best to simply avoid the following;

● Link concentration on one page

● Domination of young and poor quality link suppliers

● Drastic link acquisition and/or removal

● Domination of commercial links over natural ones

You can also check link quality for Yandex using the service check

Restrictions for traffic cheats

In this case, by site traffic, we mean an aggregate of all users on-site and in search results, the time spent on the site, the quantity of viewed pages, the clicked links, navigation back to the site, escape rate, and site conversions.

Site traffic is considered to have a tremendous effect on search engine results. When optimizers pay attention to that trend, they start to cheat the search engines through special spam technologies. Search engines have now learnt to recognize unnatural users’ behavior and will bring about sudden traffic decrease, up to 90%, and slow indexation of new pages as a form of punishment.

How to protect the site

You can protect your site from site traffic restrictions, by working on-site usability and site promotion through only unique content.

Improving usability means working on headings, snippets, design, and internal links. Improving this will lead to site promotion in search engine results, as search engines sympathize with sites created for humans, not for robots.

The most effective, and simple, way to avoid traffic cheat restrictions is to avoid using software emulation of user experience.

Content restrictions

Yandex punishes sites that manipulate content in order to promote themselves in search results. Manipulation, in this case, may mean non-unique content, oversaturated with keywords, placing the low quantity text with mistakes, unevenly distributed keywords, and overly used HTML tags.

The main punishment, in this case, is that your search engine position is 1,000 places and below, and not all of your pages are indexed.

How to protect your site

The best way to avoid content restrictions is to fill your site with unique, grammatically correct, copy that is fully relevant to the user’s requests. Essentially, you just need to write the text that you would enjoy reading!

Over-optimization filter


Finally, Yandex over optimization filter is worth our attention. In this case, user useless pages are filtered, as are the pages with an unacceptably high percentage of keyword searches are filtered.

For example, the users looking for moving price will not find anything regarding the price as the content writer may have tried to write this key phrase as often as they can.

How to protect your site

When writing copy make sure that the keyword density doesn’t exceed 5%. It’s better for keywords to be used in text naturally and according to the context. If in doubt, always make sure your copywriter is aware of and understands the issue.

As well as this, make sure you analyze whether the page or the site contains promoted search information. The time of ‘spam construction’ of search phrases and anchors or link to anchors has gone. Copy should be written for people and not for the search robots.

Yandex ranges h1 headings with implemented keyword search, but do not overuse it by entering five h2 and h3 headings with search word repetition. Such construction will be evaluated by Yandex as over-optimization.

If you follow these simple rules you can be sure that your awareness will keep you, and your site, away from search engines punishments!




A huge crypto fan. I believe that the decentralized world is the future, Blockchain technology is changing the world.

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Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg

A huge crypto fan. I believe that the decentralized world is the future, Blockchain technology is changing the world.

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